Here Be Dragons was an idea that PWC Salandra came up with many years ago, but like many things it was pushed off until tomorrow until tomorrow finally became today…

Over the decades, the world of Clan Lord has continued to grow and expand and every time it did there were those exiles who sought to map out the lands so that others could use that knowledge. My original idea was to create an association of mappers to call together those whose goal was the stockpiling of the knowledge of Clan Lord’s world and sharing of that knowledge to its community.

While this idea has not lessened, it has expanded somewhat. First, these scrolls will additionally be used as an archive for maps that have been made throughout the years. This preservation of maps, while not originally intended, makes perfect sense and is a natural extension of bringing together the knowledge of our world. Secondly, the ranks of the association will expand to include those who, while are not mappers themselves, have contributed to the project of mapping in some significant manner.

In the following scrolls you’ll find the culmination of the knowledge and efforts of the mappers of Puddleby.

Note: Maps, by their very nature contain some amount of spoilers. Other than showing a general respect for the ability for others to discover on their own, the maps contained here do not prescribe to any strict standard for spoilers. Please view them at your own discretion.