Eastern Mountains (EM) (St)

EM Places of Interest (St)

EM Ancient Bear Caves (St)

EM Bear Caves (St)

EM Northern Ruins (St)

EM Org Caves (St)

EM Windweft Ice Caves (St)

Eastern Puddleby Island (St)

Greymyr Passes (St)

Lugubrion's Keep (St)

Puddleby Skryss Map (St)

Puddleby Underground (St)

Northern Puddleby Island (St)

Southern Puddleby Island (St)

Undine Caverns (St)


Gho-Wei Island (St)

Kizmia's Island:

North Kizmia's Island (St)

South Kizmia's Island (St)


Peaceton (St)

Gungla / Melabrion's Island:

Gungla / Melabrion's Island (St)

Metzetli Island:

Metzetli Island Crypt (St)


Updates on my maps happen frequently. Check here for a list of changes.

These maps were created with incredible amounts of help from you, the community, and are meant for you to use in order to further help the community.

These maps are left mostly unaltered and that is intentional. Save them, mark them up, do whatever you feel like in order to make them better for you.

In the future, I will be adding more information (markers, paths, etc). If you have any suggestions on what would make these maps more useful for you, please contact me in game.


My only request is that if you want to share these maps that you link direclty back to this page rather than the individual images.

If you've ever been on a hunt with me then you probably helped make these maps (and others). Thank you!

Extra special thanks to Geotzou for creating an incredible mapping program that greatly reduced the time needed to make "stitched" maps. These maps would likely never have been finished without his efforts. If you're interested in this mapper you can contact him.


PWC Salandra has been playing Clan Lord since the last milenium. (Don't you feel old?) While they have inhabited various bodies Salandra has always been their home in Clan Lord.

Salandra is a Thoom and a Mystic with a serious desire for knowledge. She loves lore of all kinds, but her speciality is focused on the Eastern Mountains and their ancient inhabitors.