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Hello fellow Exiles!

As you well know, much research has been conducted over the years in regards to the Ethereal Plane and its interconnected threads. More recently there have been renewed efforts to pursue those threads and this announcement is in regards to one those threads. More specifically, the threads that this announcement pertains to are as follows: the placing of post incursion Kyuems, reserving the effects of the Annulus, the calming of the Ethereal Plane, and attempting to remove, and further prevent, the Darshak presence within the Ethereal Plane itself.

In this announcement, I plan to outline what our goals are and how we plan to achieve them. I expect this to be a rather long announcement (since I’ll be explaining a lot of stuff that isn’t common knowledge), but I know some of you just want to cut to the chase. For the latter folks, here you go:

On Saturday February 6, at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT / 6 AM AEDT we will be attempting to place a Kyuem in Orga Camp 3. Over the next several weeks we’ll be collecting donations to build the Kyuems needed and power them once they are placed (Salandra is the point of collection). This event is open to every exile.

The materials we’ll need for Phase 1 (details on why it’s Phase 1 and why we need so many are in the long version):

6 Kyuems for the placements (5 Iron Ore and 14 Ethercles plus and Unrefined Gem pre Kyuem)
Ethercles – as many as we can get to build the Kyuems and power them once placed.

For those of you that want more information… The first thing to say is that this is not meant to be a complete history of the Ethereal Plane. That’s a massive topic to cover and there is a better place for all of that to be talked about (and hopefully someone else to write it all *cough* ;D ).

I’ll try to break down the information into the four basic threads that were outlines previously and draw connections when needed.

1) Placing of post incursion Kyuems.

In short, various people have been trying for decades to place Kyuems post Ethereal Wars (incursions). Perhaps the most notable attempts being the Kyuem placement in Lugubrion’s Keep. The full tale of these attempts belongs elsewhere. The important shared fact between all those attempts is that they failed to yield a stable and linked Kyuem. The reasons why these attempts failed vary. The important part, to us, is that we think we’ve figured out where those came up short and are at the point that we’re ready to try another attempt – and feel good about doing so.

Knowing that we’re ready to try again, the next logical question is where to try to place the Kyuems. I, Salandra, have a list of places I would like to try putting them, but the Ethereal Plane isn’t subject to my whims. Kyuem placement depends on how close the Ethereal Plane is to our own. Where it’s the closest is where the Kyuems can be placed. This means, we must make the attempts in those locations.

Over the next weeks and months, more tests will need to be done in regards to finding out where the Ethereal Plane comes closest to our world, but that’s another topic. For our purposes, several locations have been located, mostly in the Orga territory, and we’re choosing to focus on one of them.

The reasons for the location that has been chosen will be covered in the discussion of the other threads. What will not be mentioned there is simply that these locations are some of the oldest we know about and thus seem the most likely and or safest to pursue. Orga Camp 3 is the location that we will try the first Kyuem.

As of right now, the plan is to place two more Kyuems, one each week, following the first placement on the 6th. The times of the following attempt may vary and will be announced shortly after the previous placement. Ideally, we’d like to put as much time between placement and the next chaos storm as possible.

2) Reserving the effects of the Annulus.

The Annulus can be described in many ways. The very short version is that the Annulus is not a positive event within the Ethereal Plane. To be blunt, it’s ripping a hole in the Ethereal Plane to our own plane and that’s very bad. It’s my personal opinion, that we’re very lucky that the destruction hasn’t gotten worse over these last decades.

One of the oldest theories that we’re aware of, in regards to reversing the Annulus’ encroachment, involves placing a number of Kyuems that will first stabilize and then ultimately, reverse the Annulus resulting in a mending of the planes. This theory is driven by the twelve clouds that surround the Annulus.

These clouds seem likely to have originated from the space inside the Annulus and have become stationary around it. Based on our research is seems possible, if not likely, that the clouds themselves did not “choose” their position, but were instead drawn to those specific locations based on some other factor. This factor is currently believed to be the Ethereal Plane’s closeness to the material plan in those twelve locations. To be more specific, those twelve locations seem likely to be Kyuem locations within the Ethereal Plane that respond to twelve locations in our plane.

To test this theory, we need to find Kyuem locations and place Kyuems. Specifically related to this theory, we’re choosing the oldest known locations to start because they seem the most likely to correlate to the Annulus.

This theory is a start and we admit that we don’t know everything, but we think that out best shot is the course we’ve set thus far. The results we based of the first sets of Kyuem placements will effect later placements. How? We don’t know because we simply haven’t placed Kyuems and seen the results. That’s the truth of it.

Potentially, and that word is stressed, a fully reversed and stable Annulus could result in the formation of a nexus – a gateway to twelve different locations.

3) Calming the Ethereal Plane.

There is reason to believe that reversing the Annulus will result in a “calming” effect within the Ethereal Plane. It’s a well-known fact that the native creatures within the Ethereal Plane vary wildly in their strength and that the Annulus is having a powerful and negative effect within the Ethereal Plane. Removing influences that negatively impact the Ethereal Plane should results in it becoming more stable.

To be up front, we can’t promise you a “calming” effect, but there is very good reason to think the plane will be calmed with a reversal of the Annulus. The important part is that we won’t know until we start placing Kyuems.

4) Removing, and further preventing, the Darshak presence within the Ethereal Plane.

The Darshak presence within the Ethereal Plane is not good. This comes directly from the ‘brion brothers themselves. The Darshak have a long history of obtaining and then corrupting various technologies to further their own pursuits. The Darshak Kyuem, and its forced placement, is possibly the single most destructive factor in what is happening with the Ethereal Plane. Allowing them to continue to have access to the Ethereal Plane is as dangerous of a thing to our community as can be imagined.

That being said, we’re not sure that reversing the Annulus will have any significant effect on the Darkshak Kyuem, but it is possible. Research continues on how to safely disrupt the Darshak Kyuem if our efforts with this project do not help.

Until the time when the Darshak presence can be stopped, it is suggested, in the strongest possible way, that no Kyuems be activated in the Eastern Mountains or any other location that provides direct access to any Ancient technology. (Salandra believes, with reason, that the first time the Darshak gained access to Ancient technology, it resulted in the Greater Undine being brought to our plane and the explosive expanse of the Darshak’s power and influence.)

To recap, the current plan is Phase 1:

On Saturday February 6, at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT / 6 AM AEDT we will be attempting to place a Kyuem in Orga Camp 3. All exiles are invited to participate.

We have no idea what kind of resistance we will meet (the incursion Kyuem placement met with heavy ethereal resistance, but it’s possible that was due to the instability that was already present between the planes). It seems likely that the Orga in the area will respond to our activity.

Each following week, for two weeks, we’ll attempt to place another Kyuem. We will attempt to schedule these attempts when the most exiles can participate, but it will all depend on the interest and support from the community in the efforts.

What we need:

A whole lot of Kyuems and Ethercles.

Because no Kyuems, post incursions, have been successfully placed, we’re not sure if each placement will need one or two Kyuems. The incursions only required one, but we just don’t know for sure and want to be safe. After a successful placement, we will adjust if needed, but for now, we want to have two Kyuems for each placement.

The number of Ethercles needed is again, unknown. We know that they need to be fed into the Kyuem to power it up, but we’re not sure how many are needed or if the amount is even consistent between each Kyuem.

The total materials needed for Phase 1 is:

6 Kyuems (two for each placement – three total placements). If we only need 1 per placement, the extra will be held for future placement. For reference: a Kyuem requires 5 Iron Ore and 14 Ethercles plus and Unrefined Gem. (Note: If you’re not an ethereal trained mystic please do not attempt to build Kyuems on your own. Bad things can happen.)

As many Ethercles as can be gathered (both for powering the Kyuem and building more Kyuems).

Kyuems are a significant investment of resources and we understand that some accountability will need to take place. Salandra is responsible for collecting and organizing all of the materials. Upon request (and possibly maintained on the Discord) will be a list of current donation totals so that any person can track how much has been collected and how much is currently on hand after usage.

At this time, only 6 Kyuems, or the materials for them, will be collected as well as 20 to 30 Ethercles. The intent is to ensure that these materials are 100% available for the placements when they are needed (and not dependent on their holders showing up).

Final thoughts: The only way these efforts will succeed is with the help of the entire community. Exiles are needed to be collecting the various materials (especially Ethercles) and working towards the common goal of progressing this part of Clan Lord’s world. We can’t promise you the results you want, but we think this is the best and most likely to succeed course of action that exiles have had in years.

If you’re a fully ethereal trained mystic and want to help, get in touch with Salandra and she will try to coordinate what needs to be done. For everyone else, get out there and gather those Ethercles. If you know of exiles who may have a store of them or a store of Kyuems, track them down and get them to donate them. If you have them and have been waiting for a use - this is it. Lastly, show up for the placing. We expect to need all the help we can get.