Puddleby Skryss Map



As some of you already know, I have spent a significant amount of time dedicated towards understanding the geography of our lands. The most well known of my work has been my highly detailed maps of the lands, but I've also spend a great deal of time building and maintaining a Skryss map of Puddleby Island. (For those that are unaware, a Skryss map is a map of the lands as seen by the Skristal mystic tool.)

Until now, I have never made my Skryss map openly available, but I have recently encountered several instances where my work on the Skryss map would prove to be very helpful to people working on other projects. These instances have made reevaluate my policy towards sharing information and I have decided that I will open my Skryss map to the public.

Those that are interested and believe that they could have a use for my Skryss map need to contact me and let me know why you'd like a copy. The map will only be sent out on an individual basis and I'd ask that anyone to receives a copy does not share or post it to a scroll.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me directly and I would be more than happy to talk with you about them.

(OOC: Please include "CL:" in any email directly to me as it greatly increases the likelihood that your email will avoid the spam folder. If you don't get a reply, bug me again.)

Current Skryss Map version: 1.2