Salandra's Map Updates:

01 JAN 21: Ancient Bear Caves and Northern Ruins maps added.

12 AUG 20: Update to Eastern Mountains map to include the addition of Ancient Bear Caves.

13 AUG 19: Updated stuff over the years, but forgot this page existed. Gho-Wei map officially added.

20 DEC 15: Windweft Mountain (EM) Ice Cave map added.

17 DEC 15: Eastern Mountains Map updated (Ice Caves now unblocked).

27 SEP 15: Eastern Mountains Map updated (Western River area and new path from Foghaven down to Bison Plains).

01 AUG 15: Added Northern Puddleby Map (Finally - if the GMs update snells I wish they'd as me permission first!) Also corrected Southern Puddleby Map to correctly show that Southern Shoals to South Beach does not require pathfinding to exit.

05 APR 15: Metzetli Island Crypt map added.

27 MAR 15: Gungla Island Map updated to include some minor changes.

18 MAR 15: Updated Eastern Puddleby Map to include Mountain Glen and Lugubrion’s Keep. Removed Mountain Glen map, but kept Lugubrion's Keep map as it contains the interior.

14 MAR 15: Added Eastern Puddleby Map (Orga Camps 2-4 missing)

13 MAR 15: Updated Southern Puddleby map to include pathfinder from Marsh (green) to East Forest.

11 MAR 15: Updated Southern Puddleby map to include Sfoft's Peak (thanks To Azriel for sharing his map of it).

09 MAR 15: Added Southern Puddleby map

19 FEB 15: Updated Eastern Mountains map to include several "blocked paths."

18 FEB 15: Updated Gungla / Melabrion's Island map to a larger "standard" size and added many markers and indicators.

17 FEB 15: Added Greymyr Passes and Puddleby Underground maps; Updated Eastern Mountains (Mangrove Atoll) and EM Bear Caves (pathfinding).

16 FEB 15: Scrolls moved to new vastly superior storage (yay Noivad!)

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